Past Recordings

Past recordings of IMLA’s distance learning events are available post event if you were not able to join the live meeting. Please CLICK HERE to see the form to order past events. Note: Kitchen Sink registrants receive recordings for free.

*Post Event & Recording Rates:

IMLA member rate is $49 for the event materials plus $25 for the MP3 recording.

IMLA non-member rate is $99 for each event materials plus $25 for MP3 recording.
FREE events, IMLA members rate is $30 for event materials and MP3 recording (not applicable to non members, above rates apply).

Participated in an event and would like a recoding of that event, the above rates for recordings apply.

Please forward order form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*IMLA distance learning events are webinars in the sense that they utilize PowerPoints to accompany the speaker’s presentation. Speakers are not using a webcam for their presentations.