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Construction Law Teleconference Materials

The materials below are for IMLA's Teleconference Series on Construction Law. The Series is spread over four separate sessions. This page contains materials for all four sessions.


1. Slide Presentation (122 Slides) – TWO formats,  CLICK PDF and/or CLICK PowerPoint


2. Baseline Schedule Review Checklist (4 pages, PDF)


3. Article, “Consensus Docs: Consensus of Whom?” By Susan L. McGreevy and Michael Callahan (8 pages, PDF)


4. Article, “The Myth of the One-Year Warranty and Other Construction Warranty Issues,” By Susan L. McGreevy (4 pages, PDF)


5. Article, “Third-Part Testing and Inspection,” By Susan L. McGreevy and J. Colby Cox (7 pages, PDF)


6. Article, “What Have We Done to the Lien Waiver? Way Too Much,” By Susan L. McGreevy and Heath A. Hawk (4 pages, PDF)


7. Article, “Who is Designing That Project?” By Susan L. McGreevy (5 pages, PDF)


LATE ADDITION (Nov. 18) - Session Three – Additional Materials from John Markovs.  John mentioned some case cites and a sample Performance Bond and Payment Bond. His paper, Defaults/Surety/Termination Issues (CLICK FOR PDF), contains the case citations that he referenced during “The Project is Sinking” presentation on November 12 as well as the sample documents.